Rolling tolerances to BS EN 10219-2: 2006 for Cold Formed Square and Rectangular Hollow Sections

Designation Property Tolerance
  Depth or width D or B D, B< 100 ±1.0% with a minimum of ±0.5 mm
100 ≤D, B≤ 200 ±0.8%
200 <D, B ±0.6%
Thickness t t≤ 5 mm ±10%
5 mm <t ±0.5 mm
Squareness of side 90º ±1º
External corner profile t≤ 6 1.6t to 2.4t
6 <t≤ 10 2.0t to 3.0t
10 <t 2.4t to 3.6t
  Concavity / convexity x ±0.8% with a minimum of 0.5 mm

Section is placed on a flat surface with one end held flat. At the other end the height difference of the two lower corners is taken
Twist v 2 mm plus 0.5 mm per m max
Measured at the centre of the length Straightness (x or y direction) 0.15% L
Mass per unit length Mass of section ±6.0% on individual lengths
Standard Length L +50 mm –0 mm