5. Introduction to resistance tables


EN 1993-1-1 unless otherwise noted

The design resistances given in the tables have been calculated using exact values of the section properties calculated from the specified dimensions. The values obtained have then been rounded to 3 significant figures.

For open sections, channels and angles, design resistance tables are given for steel grades S275 and S355. For hollow sections, resistance tables are given for grade S355 and S420 (hot finished) and grade S355 only for cold-formed sections.

The following partial factors for resistance have been used throughout the website for the calculation of the design resistances. The values are those given in the relevant UK National Annexes to Eurocode 3:

γM0 = 1.0 for the resistance of cross sections
γM1 = 1.0 for the resistance of members
γM2 = 1.25 for bolts
γM2 = 1.25 for welds
γM3 = 1.25 for slip resistance at ULS
γM3,ser = 1.1 for slip resistance at SLS

5.2Yield strength

EN 10025-2
EN 10210-1
EN 10219-1

The member resistance tables are based on the following values of yield strength fy.

Steel Grade Maximum Thickness
less than or equal to
Yield strength
S275 16 275
40 265
63 255
80 245
100 235
150 225
S355 16 355
40 345
63 335
80 325
100 315
150 295
S420 16 420

The above values are those given in the product standards BS 10025-2:2004 for open sections, BS EN 10210-1:2006 for hot-finished hollow sections and BS EN 10219-1:2006 for cold-formed hollow sections. The use of the values in the product standards is specified in the National Annex to BS EN 1993-1-1.